Meet the Meerkats

IMG_2138So I got my uniform (yay) at least it’s not beige(!!)

¬† Today, I also hosted my first ‘Meet the Meerkats’, not bad for a first week. For the record, I did not: cry, puke, freeze or trip myself over. So I’m pretty pleased with myself.

It was with the fearsome five that had previously misbehaved when I was cleaning them out – by running into the stand off and refusing to go back into their enclosure. Look at those little faces though.



A Big Move, An Uphill Battle and A Southern Autumn

Three big things to restart this blog.

I now live in the south and we both packed our crap into an i20 and moved over 200 miles from home (for you american readers, that’s quite a distance in Great Britain, where the most northern to most eastern point is only¬†874 miles by road).

In the south, the weather is NOT autumnal, it’s practically the middle of summer. A change from the cold that will be setting in northwards.
The hot chocolates will have to wait.

I tried to cycle my new work route. To conclude the saying ‘just like riding a bike’, only refers to the action, not the stamina required.